This is the site of the AquOmixLab at the Athens Water Supply & Sewerage Company (EYDAP SA)

What we do

We are searching for synthetic and natural organic micropollutants in water resources and water supplies. We specifically focus on emerging natural compounds, such as known and new metabolites of cyanobacteria, algae and other microorganisms. We try to assess the risks for public health and to find ways to control the presence of harmful pollutants in water.


We mostly use mass spectrometry (GC-MS, LC-HRMS). We apply targeted and untargeted methods for detection, quantitation or structural elucidation of organics in water. We use computational tools to annotate MS features. We are in favor of open, community-based platforms for MS-data analysis, such as MZmine, GNPS and their related tools. 


The Lab is part of the Water Quality Control Dept. of EYDAP SA and it is located in North-West Athens, on the outskirts of mount Parnitha, close to Menidi. Map: . We also work in virtual environments, especially in projects around computational analysis of mass spectrometry datasets.


We have a long list of collaborations in Greece, Europe and beyond. We carry out joint projects around water quality and safety. We also take advantage of virtual collaborations, e.g., joint data analysis using computational tools. We can host BSc, MSc, PhD students, PostDocs and senior researchers to carry out thesis and joint projects. See the "News" page for specific calls or contact us if you are interested.