TRIantafyllos (TRI) KALOUDIS ORCID logo

Chemist, PhD, MSc

Tri is mostly interested in MS-based environmental metabolomics and volatilomics, and in advanced water treatment processes.

ALINA GIalleli

Chemist, PhD

Alina combines expertise in food and water analysis, she develops analytical methods for micropollutants and she is the Quality Manager of EYDAP's drinking water labs.

thanos goulas

Chemist, MSc

Thanos is the latest addition to our team (2023). He is currently contributing in GC-MS, TOC analysis and QA/QC procedures.

Sofia iliakopoulou ORCID logo

Chemist, MSc, PhD student

Sofia explores the occurrence and chemical transformations of natural organic compounds in water using HRMS and computational tools.

Sofia Iliakopoulou, Katerina Paraskevopoulou, Sissy Hiskia, Theodoros Triantis, Irene Dousi, Sevasti


We have a long-term collaboration with the Photo- Catalytic Processes and Environmental Chemistry group of the Institute of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology at NCSR Demokritos. We carry out joint projects around water quality and advanced water treatment. We share facilities, infrastructures and personnel. Visit the NCSR Demokritos group webpage.

Visiting Scientists

Alexandros Polyzois

Post-Doc Researcher,
Cornell University, NY, USA (2024)

Maria Antonopoulou

Assistant Professor, Univ. of Patras (2022)

Maria Tzamaria

PhD student, Univ. of Patras (2022)

Vassia Koumoutsou

Chemistry student, Univ. of Athens (2024)

Valentina Miele

PhD student, University of Naples Federico II (2023)

John Kontogiannis

Biochemistry student, University of Thessaly (2023)

Robert Konkel

PhD student, University of Gdansk (2023)

Hanna Mazur-Marzec

Professor, University of Gdansk (2023)

Jordan Paudex

MSc student, University of Geneva (2022)

Petra Visser

Professor, University of Amsterdam (2022)

Aikaterina Paraskevopoulou

PhD student, NCSR Demokritos - NTUA (2022)

Noura Hammoud

PhD student, University of Pau (2021)

Javier Diaz-Alvarez

MSc student, AUTH (2016)

Sofia Kerestetzopoulou

Biology student, AUTH (2020)

Christos Giannakopoulos

Biology student, AUTH (2020)

Christoforos Christoforidis

Post Doctoral researcher, NCSR Demokritos (2018)

Prodromos Gkalimanis

MSc student, Autonomous University of Madrid (2021)

Nikoleta Kalatzi

Chemistry student, Univ. of Athens (2022)